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Упражнение на отработку множественного числа существительных.
28.02.2016, 16:37

What is the correct plural of the word?

  1. These (person) are protesting against the president. 
  2. The (woman) want to meet the manager. 
  3. My (child) hate eating pasta. 
  4. I am ill. My (foot) hurt.
  5. Muslims kill (sheep) in a religious celebration.
  6. I clean my (tooth) three times a day. 
  7. The (student) are doing the exercise now. 
  8. The (fish) I bought is in the fridge. 
  9. They are sending some (man) to fix the roof. 
  10. Most (housewife) work more than ten hours a day at home.
  11. Where did you put the (knife)?
    On the (shelf).
  12. (Goose) like water.
  13. (Piano) are expensive
  14. Some (policeman) came to arrest him.
  15. Where is my (luggage)?
    In the car!
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