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Раздел 1   "Аудирование"
Прослушайте рассказ и дополните предложения краткими ответами в виде одного слова или цифры.
Перенесите ответы в бланк.      
At the weekend John rides ___________________ kilometers on his bike.
John plays  basketball with his friends every ___________________.
John plays tennis with his ___________________.
John's favourite sport is ___________________.
Last year John became the captain of the ___________________ team.
John is going to start training with Manchester United Academy next ___________________.
Раздел 2   "Чтение"  
Прочитайте текст и определите, к какой из стран (1-Canada, 2- Greece, 3- China) относится каждое утверждение (7-12). Обведите номер правильного варианта ответа и запишите этот номер в бланке ответов.  
Families are different but they all do the same thing. They give children a safe place to grow up and a lot of care, so that they become happy adults. Let’s look at families in different countries. In Greece grandparents aunts and uncles, parents and children all live together in one house. This is a good thing for two reasons. Firstly, grandmas and grandpas can look after young children, while mum and dad are out at work. Secondly, the older people of the family are never lonely because they have a lot of people who love them and help them.  Greek families often get together to celebrate just about any occasion they can think of. In Canada most people live in families which consist of parents and children. Grandparents and other relatives live separately. It means that children must look after themselves and they grow up to be independent. Grandparents also have to rely only on themselves. Of course, children communicate with their grandparents but they do not see them often.  People in Canada celebrate Family Day in February. On Family Day, families get together and visit art exhibitions, watch movies, skate on outdoor ice rinks and  play board games. In China there is only one child in each family if the family lives in a big city.  These children seem to be happy because they get all their parents’ attention but Chinese children are under a lot of pressure because their parents want them to be successful and do well at school. As in many Asian cultures, children must respect their grandparents and take care of them. There are ancestor altars in homes with candles, photographs and favourite items of the  relatives who died.      
There are only parents and children in a family.
1) Canada 2) Greece 3) China         
Children do not usually have brothers or sisters.
 1) Canada 2) Greece 3) China         
Families have a holiday to spend time together.
 1) Canada 2) Greece 3) China         
Grandparents help to take care of  their grandchildren.
1) Canada 2) Greece 3) China         
There is a special place where people keep things which belonged to their  dead relatives.
1) Canada 2) Greece 3) China         
Parents want their children to study hard.
 1) Canada 2) Greece 3) China    
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